söndag 3 november 2013

Öppet idag Söndag 12-16.....:))

Hej Hej....:))
Redan Söndag & vi Höstmyser i Butiken...
Kl 12-16 som vanligt....;))

Kram M

4 kommentarer:

Henhurst Interiors sa...

Beautiful photo! It looks like a very cozy spot to spend a Sunday afternoon.
All best,

Anonym sa...

En kopp varm choklad där hade inte suttit fel..;)

Kram från Skåne/ Marie

Miss Maple sa...

Love the sepia colour of this interior photo. A very nice place to take a picture from. I think you were sitting here every late afternoon drinking a fine cup of coffee with your beloved one and talking about the daily events. I hope that's true because it's a lovely picture inside my head. Wish you the best for next week.

Anonym sa...

Önskar dig härliga veckor ute i Norregård. Snart dags för en tur ut till detta underbara ställe...ses!!!!

Kram Marie J. 😉